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Improv Jams & Drop ins


Our Jams & drop-in classes are a great way to begin your improv journey, or practice your skills in a low-risk, supportive environment!

The session structure includes Improv Games, where everyone can shake off their nerves and ignite their creativity through lively activities following by Scene Workouts.

A drop-in class or workshop is an opportunity to get some stage time, practice, and repetitions. For our drop-ins, no improv experience is necessary, meaning the drop-in workshops don’t build off knowledge from previous workshops. The idea is that anyone can drop in any week and get a taste of what improv is like. 

What should I wear?
Comfortable clothes and shoes.


Thursday 9 May @ 7 - 9pm

Sunday 12 May @ 4 – 6pm

Many more dates will be added from July

Venue: Linden

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