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The Assembly


The Assembly is part of a global network that began in Toronto and is now in Mexico, Amsterdam and South Africa. The Assembly is an artist-run company dedicated to making good improv and great improvisers. 

We are united in our passion for long-form improv – scenes magically created from a single suggestion which may be funny, insightful, and if they’re not funny – dramatic!  Through this art form we discover and explore relationships, characters and situations from everyday topics (your stapler even) to the weird and wonderful.


Paul is an improviser based in Johannesburg and is the founder of The Assembly Improv South Africa.

He has studied improvisation and sketch comedy writing at the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), The Second City, The iO Theater, The Groundlings and The Annoyance Theatre. He has also studied clown at Ecole Philippe Gaulier.


Paul is currently completing his PhD in applied improvisation at Wits University.

Paul has given workshops and improvised on stages in Canada, Denmark, France, Lithuania, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and the United States. 

Paul Rabenowitz

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