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Improvisation (improv) has been around for centuries. It is the spontaneous creation of art. Improv is a collaborate art form where an ensemble work together to create something out of nothing. We build on the ideas of the people we create with as we do in many areas of our lives on a daily basis. We continually improvise at work and home as we see and react to what people say!

What is improv?

Benefits of improv

Studying improv has many personal and professional benefits such as:

  • Helping you discover joy and playfulness

  • Helping you to live in the moment

  • How to be more comfortable giving presentations

  • How to interact better with people in all areas of your life through listening

  • How to deal with mistakes and failure

  • How to improv team dynamics

  • How to build teams and ideas through diversity and the principles of "Yes And"

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